Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Extreme Mustang Makeover

Extremely Satisfying!
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The Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover is coming to Albany, Oregon in March
Trainer applications now being accepted
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pryor Mountain Mustangs

Wanted to share with everyone this lovely little blog called Pryor Wild. Written by someone working the gather, it includes the loveliest photographs and many details about each of the horses who were gathered. You should go check it out!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Burns Wild Horse Corrals

My daughter and I recently returned from the Wild Horse Corrals in Burns, Oregon, where I picked up my two latest TIP horses. Naturally, I had to share a few photos with the rest of you! Above is a little pinto colt playing king of the sand hill. We spotted him while visiting in May, just a tiny little thing on spindly legs sticking close to his Momma. Now he's big and strong and manly...just ask him! He'll tell you.

The hip brand on this boy signifies that he's over the age of six and slated for Long Term Holding. Most of the horses have already been shipped, but my understanding while I was there last week is that there is no more room, so horses are now being left behind at the corrals. We've all heard the news about the BLM wanting to begin euthanizing horses...without facilities to house our aging population, what will happen to them? If this boy is still hanging around in the spring, I think I may need to pick him up. By then he'll be eight years old. Wonder how independent he is?

These three sorrel geldings are from the Ligget Table HMA. A very small population, all the horses are sorrels. Dark with light manes, light with dark manes, and every shade in between. Small and catty, you'll need a good seat from the sounds of it to ride one of these critters. Great if you want to work stock, turn and burn (barrel racing) or try your hand at reining. These geldings all had a big U on their necks, signifying that they are Sale Authority (over the age of 10.)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what's hanging around and looking for barns of their own!

Elenbaas Donates Grain

The Elenbaas Company has generously offered to help support our mustangs! Along with grain for both Steve Holt! and Speck of Sand (both former EMM horses), Elenbaas will be donated six bags of grain each for the adopters of Wadatika and Sky Bar's Chance at the Bellingham National Wild Horse Adoption Day event!

Now, just how cool is that?

Elenbaas distributes to the Pacific Northwest states of WA, OR, MT, and ID. In addition to offering us free bags to help feed the horses here, they also help support us with a monthly donation based on sales. So if your local feed store carries the Equiscience feeds, be sure to pick up a bag or two on your next trip in and support our continued efforts here in the northwest to help place America's Living Legends! And if your favorite store doesn't carry Equiscience, ask them why, and request that they do!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Mustangs Available for Adoption in MD

These two beautiful boys are available for adoption in Elkton, MD
For more information or to adopt please contact Corinne Deans:

They are truly both very big sweethearts and will make very nice mounts. They are both up to date on shots, coggins, and have health certificates. Their BLM titles are on the way.

Dextor, a Blood Bay 3 year old should top at about large pony size. He is currently 13.3. He has a left hind sock, and a roaning star, with a black wavy mane and tail. He leads, loads on a stepup and ramp load trailer, and stands for vet but still needs a little more work. I had him out leading around my ring over ground poles and a small X rail. He is very smart and brave, and very well built, he will easily be able to pack around a full size man.

Yankee Doodle, a 2 year Chocolate Bay with a right hind inside cornet. He was just gelded 2 weeks ago. He is currently about 14.1/2 and should be at least 15+ hands as he is still growing. He is leading, loads on a step up and ramp load and stand for vet and farrier. I had him out leading around my ring over ground poles and a small X rails. He is also learning to lung well. Yankee is more timid but is further along in training. he is defiantly going to be a nice horse.

These horses are available for adoption, and a good home is a must. Please contact Corinne for more information or pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Longview adoption a success

Left Behind...

With numbers dwindling the past two years at northwest adoptions, it was thrilling to find 15 mustangs heading to new homes this past weekend after the Longview, WA adoption. With 30 horses hauled, that also meant 15 went home with strikes against them, such as the bay gelding pictured above. Such a shame...he was really quite lovely. But with a huge amount of duns in the mix with the recent Oregon gathers, that's what captured the attention of the crowd and not a single dun horse was sent back to the corrals.

One little grulla filly was the exception to the color rules rule and she was sent home on the big truck along with a variety of other nice looking horses. But really, does it matter that they adopted color? No, because that's what they were presented with, and finding homes for duns is better than not finding homes for anyone.

Lesley Newman was on hand for gentling demos. She's pictured here with a yearling gelding who found a new home with a woman who was just gushing over him all day. It was so heart warming to see people excited about our Living Legends!

For those who live in the northwest, don't forget that we've got the Youth & Yearlings event coming up on July 25 in Arlington!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missouri Chapter Holds Their 1st Trail Ride!

The Show Me Mustang & Burro Club (SMMBC) had its first organized trail ride on July 2nd. The Mustang Spirit Trail Ride had 14 riders and 15 horses at Rudolph Bennitt Park, north of Columbia, MO. Of the 15 horses there, 11 were BLM Mustangs!
Horses and riders set out from the parking area in the morning, and rode for 2 & ½ hours covering about ten miles before returning for lunch and an informal meeting. It was a fun, easy ride on the groomed trail of Rudolph Bennitt, but we still managed to get lost. That seemed to be a good time to take a short break and decide which way to go next.
Lunch was a pot luck affair with grills fired up and people bringing whatever they wanted to eat. Lots of water was brought along for both people and horses. Over cookies and watermelon the group decided to participate in the 2010 Horse Celebration in Columbia MO again after their successful debut as a club in 2009 at the same event. The dates for this event are January 22 & 23, 2010.
We will take part in the Missouri State Fair parade with a riding entry.
September 26, 2009 there will be a “Show Me Your Brand” Poker Run at Knob Noster State Park to celebrate National Wild Horse Adoption Day (Rain date Oct. 3rd). The ride is open to all breeds and prizes will be awarded for High Hand and Low Hand. There will be a BBQ afterwards.
We are also going to have a “Mustang Moonlight” Trail ride sometime in August with the location yet to be determined.

If you're in Missouri and would like information on joining our chapter please contact Judy Ballenger:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hooray for YAY!

8 young trainers from across Washington State were recently handed the responsibility of taming a wild mustang. On April 25 the youth, ages 9-17, picked up their pre-assigned yearlings and hauled them to their training facilities where they are diligently working at teaching their charges about domestic life.

Some, obviously, are taking it better than others!

On July 25 the kids will return to Black Raven Stables in Arlington, WA where they'll compete in the Youth And Yearlings event (YAY) for silver buckles.

The yearling competition is being held in conjunction with an all breed youth open horse show where high points will be offered in three age groups, walk trot, and of course the top mustang horse of the day will be recognized. Following the classes, a competitive bid adoption will be held for several gentled yearlings.

If you live in the northwest, you won't want to miss this event! Need more information? email Tracey at

To follow along with the progress of the yearlings, visit the YAY blog today!

Like to enter the horse show? YAY Show Entry

YAY is sponsored by the Northwest Wild Horse & Burro Association.