Monday, September 7, 2009

Burns Wild Horse Corrals

My daughter and I recently returned from the Wild Horse Corrals in Burns, Oregon, where I picked up my two latest TIP horses. Naturally, I had to share a few photos with the rest of you! Above is a little pinto colt playing king of the sand hill. We spotted him while visiting in May, just a tiny little thing on spindly legs sticking close to his Momma. Now he's big and strong and manly...just ask him! He'll tell you.

The hip brand on this boy signifies that he's over the age of six and slated for Long Term Holding. Most of the horses have already been shipped, but my understanding while I was there last week is that there is no more room, so horses are now being left behind at the corrals. We've all heard the news about the BLM wanting to begin euthanizing horses...without facilities to house our aging population, what will happen to them? If this boy is still hanging around in the spring, I think I may need to pick him up. By then he'll be eight years old. Wonder how independent he is?

These three sorrel geldings are from the Ligget Table HMA. A very small population, all the horses are sorrels. Dark with light manes, light with dark manes, and every shade in between. Small and catty, you'll need a good seat from the sounds of it to ride one of these critters. Great if you want to work stock, turn and burn (barrel racing) or try your hand at reining. These geldings all had a big U on their necks, signifying that they are Sale Authority (over the age of 10.)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what's hanging around and looking for barns of their own!

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